x1000 11
x9999 9
x100 77

x1000 x9999 x100

x1000 x9999 x100
Skype: Global
E-mail: momo199@mail.ru
Discord: click
Opening x1000

Opening on July 9th at 19:00 Moscow time

The main characteristics of the server
Game version: Season 4
Exp: x1000
Drop: 40%
Max Level: 400
Maximum rest: 500
Stats per level: 5/7
Maximum GR 50
For GR you need 100 rests
Reward for GR 5,000 WCoin
Rest stats:
BK 500 points
SM - 500 points
ELF - 500 points
DL - 600 points
MG - 600 points
SUM - 500 points

Creating classes:
MG - 220лвл
DL - 250лвл
Statistics limit for statistics: 32767
Guild creation level: 300
Max. Guild Players: 40
Max. Guild Alliance: 1
Elf Helper before: 10 rests
MU Helper Activation Level: 10

Features of the game:
Silver and gold party (for 10 people)
Mining WCoin by play.
Items with full options can be obtained in the game.
New maps.
Interesting game events will not let you get bored.
New sets of things.
New Ancient Sets All 5 Piece Sets: Helmet, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New game panel with sections - Event Time, Party Search, Craft, Class Change, PC Reset.
Right-click support for moving items.
Eight additional chests.
Point mapping on the minimap.
Supports Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Great options.
OffExp - AFK system, offline pumping.
Game quest system 100 tasks.
Hardcore game economy.
PVP / PVE balance for all characters

Posted 06 / 07 / 2021 By Global
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