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Fixed adding harmony to antz things
Updated x-shop (Download the patch and replace the files in your client)
Increased the number of reset to 400. (After 200 reset, 1.990.000.000 zen is needed)
NPC Reset / Grand Reset moved to Devias (BANK)
Changed place of TP in Devias
Fixed drop of stones in the castle
Changed location of OffStore (Now OffStore works only in Atlans)
Included shops in Kalima and Loren Deep
Changed the Jewel model to standard (Close the game and re-enter through the launcher)


28 / 12 / 2021 Admin More

Dear players, thank you for waiting for our move. Many bugs have been fixed, new events have been added, fixes for the shortcomings of the past, improved rewards for standard events, reworked the Tier 3 item improvement system. For all your questions, write to Skype or to discor! The start of the server is scheduled for December 18, 18:00 UA. All information can be found in the section about the server. Happy New Year, everyone, and enjoy the game!

13 / 12 / 2021 Admin More
Currently this is only one server.